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Fees and Billing

Legal Fees & Billing Policies

Zellmer Law Group charges for hourly work as follows: Joseph "Jay" Zellmer's hourly rate is generally between $315 and $375 per hour. Our legal assistants' rates for paralegal services are generally between $75 and $95 per hour. Rates for affiliated attorneys who assist on a case will vary. We will always seek to ensure that our billing is fair.

We offer a 10% discount to clients who pay their invoices within 21 days. Included in these rates are all normal incidental charges, such as telephone long distance, faxing, most computer research, postage and copying expenses. Where those charges amount in any particular instance to more than $10, they will be separately itemized and billed, as will other special costs and expenses, such as travel charges and court fees. We generally bill monthly.

For some services, such as incorporations of small businesses, we can offer a flat fee, quoted up front. Seldom, but occasionally, we may take a case on a contingency fee basis.

We typically ask for a retainer payment in advance. Any such payment will be held in our attorney-client trust account until earned.

Prior to engaging our firm, we will ask you to sign an agreement that spells out our arrangement in detail.

There is no charge for an initial one-half hour of consultation if we believe you may be a potential client. We can generally determine quickly whether we can be of assistance to you.

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